Wheel Stop Longlife - Car Park

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Stop damaging wheels, duco and walls parking. Install the perfect car park safety stop. Made from recycled plastic put to good use. Attractive tidy and built to last. Solid STOPS suitable for all parking areas. Practically indestructible. Absorbs shocks without damaging tyres or rims. No rot, no splinter, no crumbling and no risk of attracting termites. The sensible and environmentally sustainable option to wood or concrete. Includes 2 RAM Set Fixings. Stainless Steel anchors to masonry concrete and wood. 

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Wheel Stops - Longlife Recycled Plastic and 2 Ram Set anchor bolts.

Stop safely and save vehicles and structures from damage. Longlife recycled plastic outlasts concrete and wooden stops and is far more environmentally responsible. The Plastic is recycled from materials that would normally go to landfill. It is UV treated, it does not rot or get attacked by white ants and it does not break up as easily as concrete. Longlife Wheel Stops absorb impacts avoiding damage to vehicle tyres and wheels.

Solid stops suitable for all parking areas - hard wearing & user-friendly - Australian Standard - 11 kgs

  • Width -90mm
  • Height - 100mm
  • Length - 1650mm

Solid 100% recycled plastic

Textured Charcoal coloured finish

Pre-drilled with 3 holes for rapid installation

(2 RAM Set Fixings. Stainless Steel anchors to masonry concrete and wood included. Additional Anchor bolts available if required).

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