Voltage Regulator Buck Converter

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DC-DC Voltage Step Down Converter Module suitable for Arduino Projects.

A robust Australian designed and assembled a step-down module to reduce or regulate voltage. Adjustable output voltage DC to DC buck-boost Converter 5V-32V output 1.25V~35V 3A

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Voltage Regulator - DC-DC Voltage Step Down Converter Module

Robust Australian design step-down module to reduce or regulate voltage, suitable for Electronic Arduino Projects

Includes detachable encapsulated tough housing container.

  • Adjustable output voltage 5V – 30V
  • Thermal overload, low voltage and overload cutout
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • DCDC buck-boost 5V-32V output 1.25V~35V 3A
  • Thermal overload cut-off
  • Voltage overload cut-off
  • Low voltage cut-off
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Encapsulated housing

Perfect for solar conversion and DC power applications for automotive, free camping, off-grid.

Good energy efficiency with a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 92%.

Additional blocking diode for use with the 8ZED 20W Sun Hawk Folding Solar Panels.

White Plastic Case:

  • External dimension 66 x 32 x 24mm
  • Internal dimension 64 x 30 x 22mm
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