USA Conductor Extension Cords 15A UEP

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USA Extension lead gives you better mobility with your USA devices. Saves you from having to carrying your step down transformer around with your USA Device.

Rugged USA Extension lead to suit the range of 8ZED voltage converters from 240V to 120V.
This range of extension leads allow you to keep the converter stationary whilst you remain mobile with your USA Appliance.
This rugged 8ZED extension lead features a tough 3 core construction complimented by a heavy duty outer layer to ensure it can handle the rigours of any work site or home.

A Convenient way to get power where its needed without moving the larger more bulky converters.

Please Note : This range of leads does NOT convert 240V to 120V. To run International appliances from Australian mains power, you will need an 8ZED Step Down Transformer / Voltage converter.


4.6m (15'), 7.6m (25'), 15.2m (50')


  • Inspect cable thoroughly before each use
  • Do not plug more than the specified watts into this lead
  • Do not run through door ways, holes in ceiling, walls or floors
  • Make sure appliance is off before connecting and dis-connecting this lead
  • Keep away from water and do not use when wet
  • Do not plug one extension cord into another
  • AVOID OVERHEATING. Uncoil the full lenght of the cord and do not cover
  • SAFETY TAG Fitted to all 8ZED USA Extension Leads, DO NOT REMOVE.

All Electrical cords can be hazardous, Misuse can result in fire or death by electrical shock. Before use please take the time to read the SAFETY TAG Fitted to the 8ZED Extension lead. If no SAFETY TAG is present please contact where you purchased from to have the product exchanged. 


  • 120V AC 
  • 15A Maximum (1800Watts)
  • ETL Certified
  • 4.6, 7.6 & 15.2 Meter lengths available
  • 3 Prong Polarized 
  • High abrasion and sun exposure resistance
  • Wire Guage:14/3
  • HD Vinyl Casing
  • Kink resistant
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