TITAN Voltmeter

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Digital display Voltmeter to measure the voltage of DC batteries. Ideal for 12V or 24V vehicle batteries and TITAN series JumpStarter Power Station sealed lead acid batteries.
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Displays DC battery voltages. Ideal for vehicle batteries 12V or 24V and TITAN JumpStarter Power Stations. Fits into cigarette lighter socket.

Improve and extend your battery life cycle. Good maintenance involves regularly monitoring the health status of your battery. The TITAN Voltmeter allows you to quickly check the charge in your battery just by plugging the Voltmeter into DC lighter socket.

Battery Health 


Operating voltage: DC 12V/24V (Universal)
Measuring range: DC 8-30V
Size: 70mm x 40mm
Display: Three LED digital tube
Display color: Red
Error: 0.1 - 0.3V
Display accuracy: 0.01V
Measurement sampling: 3 times / s
Plug: Cigarette Lighter plug
Protection: Built-in fuse

Car Battery voltage monitor:
Normal value: 12.2-12.8V
Lower than 11.6V: need to close/reduce the loads, and launch engine charging as soon as possible.
Lower than 10V: the generator may not be able to start Car

Generator voltage monitor:
Normal value: DC 13.4-14.8V
Lower than 13.4V: Will not be able to charge the battery, please check the generator belt and the car loads.
Higher than 14.8V: Power generation excessive, easy to damage the battery and the loads , please check the generator regulator

Calibrate Solar Panel

Use the TITAN Voltmeter to Recalibrate the TITAN Sun Hawk Solar Panel

Heavy jolts and vibration may mean that you need to recalibrate your Sun Hawk Solar Panel from time to time.  
A special feature of Titan Sun Hawk is the adjustable charge control regulator, allowing you to easily recalibrate your solar panel.

Tools needed: 1. Small flat head screw driver 2 - Digital Voltmeter or a Multimeter

Step 1. To recalibrate your Sun Hawk gently pry off the white charge control regulator cover.
Take care not to dislodge the base of the regulator from the solar panel.

Regulator Cover 

Dislodge regulator cover

Step 2: Attach a TITAN Voltmeter to the Sun Hawk DC socket using a small flat head screw driver.
Using the small screw driver turn the brass screw on top of the potentiometer anti-clockwise to increase voltage charge.
Turn clockwise to decrease voltage charge.  
(The potentiometer is the blue component with the brass screw on the top).  
Replace the white regulator cover and you are ready to go.

Insert TITAN Voltmeter

Voltage Reading

Note: 1. Point the solar panel into the strongest sunlight available to obtain maximum readings on the Voltmeter.
Sun Hawks are set at optimum calibrated voltage 13.8V to recharge lead acid vehicle battery and TITAN Power Stations. Use lower voltage setting to recharge Lithium ion batteries as per their manufacturer guidelines.

Note: 2. Prior to fixing the white cover back in place you may wish to semi-permanently fix the calibration screw on the potentiometer to a set position with just a spot of silicone glue or candle wax.

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