Sun Hawk Solar Panel 20W

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Solar Panel Battery Charger. A 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel with an adjustable charge regulator controller. Convert solar energy into power to recharge 12V and 24V batteries. Run devices like Titan Jump-Starters and Power Stations. Built-in overload protection. Includes handy Voltmeter to quickly check battery health and adjust Sun Hawk voltage charge setting. Fast easy way to maintain battery health.
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The Sun Hawk 20W R Series portable Solar Panel Chargers are twin all black alloy framed folding panels hinged together and wired in parallel to provide 20W power.
Titan Sun Hawk is specifically designed to provide economic solar power to the rechargeable batteries that power the TITAN Jump-Starter and Power Stations Model: TITAN-489.  

The Sun Hawk is equipped with a 1.5M cable fitted with a female 12V/24V DC Socket, designed to connect to any 12V/24V DC cigarette socket which enables charging your phone, LED Lights including TITAN OWL lighting and other portable electronic devices.

Now includes the TITAN Voltmeter to improve and extend your battery life cycle, and to assist with Sun Hawk panel calibration.

  • 2 x 10W Panels 
  • Maximum Power 20W
  • Maximum Power Voltage 24V
  • Maximum Power Current 1.12A
  • Open Circuit Voltage 24V
  • Short Circuit Protection 1.23A
  • Temperature Range -40'~+85'
  • Solar Cell Type: Mono 
  • Folded Dimension 355*300*55~60mm
  • Black Alloy frame with composite plastic corner buffers.
  • Weight 2.7Kg

New Sun Hawk R Series Solar Panels are APPROVED for all 8ZED TITAN Power stations. The Sun Hawk R Series Monocrystalline Solar Panels are also compatible with any phone or mobile device charger which is reducing its voltage from 12V to 9~5V 

The new SUN HAWK 20W R Series black alloy framed model was released 1st July 2014. The R Series Sun Hawk is fitted with an in-line voltage regulator so it can be used to trickle charge batteries and 12V / 24V portable devices through a DC plug. 

CAUTION: Pre- 1 July 2014 Sun Hawk silver alloy framed models were supplied exclusively with TITAN Jumpstarter Power Stations. They are distinguished from New R Series panels by their all Silver alloy frame.  These pre-July 2014 units were not equipped with an internal voltage regulator and therefore cannot be directly connected to a battery. To connect directly to a battery or portable devices you will need to add an inline current limiting regulator.  (All TITAN Portable Jump-Starter power stations have built-in regulating charging circuitry). 


Sun Hawk 20W Solar Charging Panel Operation:

  1. The Sun Hawk Solar panel is designed to trickle charge a 12V and 24V battery/ies including TITAN Jump-Starters and Power Stations or act as a power source for a car cigarette lighter charger (USB) for phone, tablets, etc @ max 1.8Amps (Full sunlight).
  2. The Solar regulator output voltage range is between 13.8-14.2V DC and 24V-28V DC
  3. The solar regulator output is a constant voltage source. The max current obtained will always decrease as sunlight intensity reduces.
  4. The Solar panel conversion efficiency will progressively reduce as panel surface temperatures rise above 30 degrees C.
  5. The max Solar surface temperature should not exceed 500 C
  6. The in-line voltage regulator fitted on the back of the solar panel surface temperature should not exceed 50 degrees C.
  7. This solar panel is not designed to work efficiently in low light environments. I.E a fully overcast day.
  8. The solar panel glass face should be kept clean and free of any oil or grease film. (Dirt or any contaminant films on the surface of the panel will reduce the photonic conversion efficiency of the solar charger).
  9. Should the glass edge seal or glass face be damaged the panel may stop working due to internal corrosion resulting from moisture incursion.


TITAN Sun Hawk Recalibration Guide

Heavy jolts and vibration may mean that you need to recalibrate your Sun Hawk Solar Panel from time to time.  
A special feature of Titan Sun Hawk is the adjustable charge control regulator, allowing you to easily recalibrate your solar panel.

Tools needed: 1. Small flat head screw driver 2 - Digital Voltmeter or a Multimeter

Step 1. To recalibrate your Sun Hawk gently pry off the white charge control regulator cover.
Take care not to dislodge the base of the regulator from the solar panel.

Regulator Cover 

Dislodge regulator cover

Step 2: Attach a TITAN Voltmeter to the Sun Hawk DC socket using a small flat head screw driver.
Using the small screw driver turn the brass screw on top of the potentiometer anti-clockwise to increase voltage charge.
Turn clockwise to decrease voltage charge.  
(The potentiometer is the blue component with the brass screw on the top).  
Replace the white regulator cover and you are ready to go.

Insert TITAN Voltmeter

Voltage Reading

Note: 1. Point the solar panel into the strongest sunlight available to obtain maximum readings on the Voltmeter.
Sun Hawks are set at optimum calibrated voltage 13.8V to recharge lead acid vehicle battery and TITAN Power Stations. Use lower voltage setting to recharge Lithium ion batteries as per their manufacturer guidelines.

Note: 2. Prior to fixing the white cover back in place you may wish to semi-permanently fix the calibration screw on the potentiometer to a set position with just a spot of silicone glue or candle wax.

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