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TITAN Energy Supply Pod Australian made portable power. Rechargeable from mains or renewable 12V DC and solar energy. Run 12V DC or 240V AC lighting, music, communications, tools. Now you can take TV, audio amplifier, speakers, computers and other digital equipment anywhere. The fully integrated inverter and 3 stage charger quickly recharges the long life dry cell battery.
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TITAN ESP 65300 is a Bush Master
Portable Power 60Ah 300W Cameleon Pure Sine Inverter Charger.

The TITAN Energy Supply Pod range is an Australian made portable long life power anywhere system with Cameleon Inverter Charger. Rechargeable from mains, 12V DC or solar power.   Provides dual 12V DC or 240V AC 300W continuous and 600W surge capacity mains quality power for small appliances and tools.  Run TV, Audio Amplifier, Speakers, Computers and other digital equipment. The fully integrated inverter charger will directly charge the long life rechargeable deep cycle dry cell battery.  Alternatively, you can trickle charge DC from solar or vehicle.

Safety protection Full Dual Pole RCD protection circuit, 240 AC outdoor GPO IP56 outlet, DC circuit breaker, 12 DC plug, Battery test gauge. 

  • Robust galvanized steel chassis framework, inverter and RCD earth mounting.
  • Resilient and durable high grade polycarbonate outer case, specially vented to allow air circulation without letting rain get in.
  • Sturdy axis and wide wheeled for strength and maneuverability.
  • Twin built in compartment trays in the lid for additional storage.
  • Strong metal latches with built in anti-theft wire eyelets
  • Internal storage tray for Inverter Charger cable and other accessories.
  • Integrated retractable steel handle for ease of transport.
  • Heavy duty carry handle on the lid

Select from either a 24V or 12V DC configuration to effortlessly power 240AV. Will run continuous 120W at 240V output for 6 hours.



  • 8ZED CAMELEON 300W continuous (600W surge) 12V Inverter 3 stage 15A Charger.
  • 8ZED 240V charging from mains 1M cable
  • 8ZED Dual Pole Residual Current Device with earth cabled to steel frame
  • Single outlet GPO IP56
  • Super Start 60AH 600CCA 3 year Warranty Sealed deep cycle dry cell lead acid battery
  • 8ZED DC Circuit Breaker battery isolator
  • 8ZED 12V DC Socket and Voltmeter
  • 8ZED On/Off LED illumination Rocker Switch 12V DC
  • Polycarbonate two-wheel portable heavy duty tool case
  • Heavy duty carry handle
  • Telescopic steel handle
  • Galvanized steel frame battery retention and inverter support
  • DC and DC Earth cabling
  • Steel inverted venting
  • Twin lid storage compartments
  • Heavy duty metal lid latches each with security lock loops



  • weight 26kg
  • 610mm Length x 360mm Wide x 420mm Height

Transport Carton TITAN-ESP-65300

  • weight 31kg
  • 622mm Length x 382mm Wide x 432mm Height


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