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Compression Stockings Thigh High all sizes, easy selection. Unisex compression stockings. Fast relief for tired legs. TGA certified Australian owned. Big savings over 50% Off RRP 2 pairs of same item. JINNI MD high quality compression stockings are durable and comfortable. Advanced micro fibre, the ideal breathable option to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Jinni MD support stockings help to relieve symptoms such as thrombosis - DVT, varicose veins or edema. Choice of compression, style and colour. Serving Australia New Zealand and International. Ladies15-20mmHg are the only stocking available with an ornate lace top.


Compression Stockings help increase the blood circulation throughout your body which helps boost energy levels and reduce swelling, tiredness or soreness in your legs and lower body. Jinni MD Compression Stockings are also ideal for long distance travelling or when standing for long periods of time.

Jinni MD Compression support stockings is made of  advanced machine specific lycra with a proportion of microfibre. Features a comfortable thigh high silicon band or dots, reinforced toe and an ultrasheer heel. Jinni MD Compression apparel is world leading, best value and a high quality brand used by many skin and vein clinics. The specifically designed breathable microfibre means comfort all year round whether it's summer or winter.

Please choose your sizes and compressions carefully before purchase. To assist you select correct size, please refer to our sizing charts as provided or use WallCann chatline for sizing assistance. 

The TGA health and safety regulations, prohibit returns any Compression Stocking sealed package that has been opened.  Refunds or exchanges can not be issued for customer selection error. 

We recommend that self measurement be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken. This will normally provide you with a more accurate reading, prior to any possible swelling resulting from your day's activity.

Jinni Compression Stockings and socks are available in the following options.

Select from drop down options above.


  • Thigh-High


  • 15-20mmHg (Class 1, Top Lace Band)
  • 20-30mmHg (Class 2, Non Lace Band)
  • 30-40mmHg (Class 3, Non Lace Band)

In some selections choices can be made for Toe Style

  • Open (20-30mmHg & 30-40mmHg Only)
  • Closed (All Compressions)


Size Selection is from S (small) to XXL (extra, extra large).

Choice of stocking colours will depend on selections. See colour tab for indications.

Please consult with your physician if you require more assistance on compression levels to suit your needs.


  • Comfortable Band
  • Reinforced toe and sheer heel
  • Cool and breathable
  • Silicon band stay up available in class 1 only
  • Silicon dot stay up available in class 2 & 3

Jinni provides a great comprehensive sizing chart. This selection and size chart gives you easy and more accurate aid to ensure you can select the right size. So the Jinni chart offers a more certain way to pick the correct, most comfortable fitting for you. Please view the Jinni sizing chart PDF.

Compression Indication - Therapeutic Compression Classes Guide

Class 1: 15-20mmHg - Light Compression

  • For slight varicosities
  • Slight leg swelling
  • Tired aching legs

Class 2: 20-30mmHg: Moderate Compression

  • Symptoms of venous disease
  • Heaviness in legs
  • Beginning of varicosis
  • Prophylaxis of Thrombosis

Class 3: 30-40mmHg: Strong Compression

  • Moderate varicosities and oedema
  • Management of venous ulcers
  • Varicosis
  • Varicosis due to pregnancy
  • Post surgical or after sclerotherapy
  • Effective scar formation after burns
  • Stasis dermatitis associated with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI


  • Severe arterial insufficiency
  • Wet dermatosis
  • Cutaneous infection
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Hypodermis in acute stage
  • Diabetic microangiopathy
  • Recent thrombosis

Note: These are only examples of reasons to wear this level of compression. Please consult with your physician if you require more assistance.

Compression graduations below 15mmHg are considered to be of little therapeutic value

Sizing Chart

## SPECIAL NOTES ##  Before selecting please take your measurements first thing in the morning before walking as this will affect your measurements , Always choose the largest size out of the three measurements taken.

Please never assume you are a size as the other brand places you in that size, Some sizes are based un USA, EURO and UK Sizing tables.

We will assist as much as possible to ensure you get the right fit and comfort, And we must stress to our valued customers to choose carefully.Due to TGA health and safety regulations,returns cannot be accepted for any compression stocking product.Any products shipped back will simply be discarded as they cannot be re used or re sold.


PLEASE NOTE: Length is a general guide to aid all customers in determining a suitable size to meet their personal requirements. It is not a direct representation of the actual length of the individual stocking. The Length will vary from as new, to during and after repeat use.

Jinni Fitting Diagram

Thigh High / Pantyhose Stockings 

Circumference Measurements (cm) - Always choose the LARGEST size as indicated by your measurements.

Stocking Colours

Therapeutic Jinni Compression Stockings come in 4 colours. Please use these colours as a guide only.
(Note: these colours below may vary slightly to the actual stocking colour.)

Rebate Claim

Private Health Insurance Rebate Claim

Many private health insurers offer a significant rebate on TGA Certified Medical Compression Garments, purchased in Australia.

Once you have made your purchase, take your WallCann invoice for your TGA approved JINNI MD™ garment to your Health Care Professional to sign the Compression Garment Rebate form. Send the signed Form along with your Invoice to your health insurer.

Please check with your Health Fund \ Private Health Insurer for eligibility details.

Compression Garment Rebate Form

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