Sock Slider - Easy On - Easy Off Donner

Remove or put on all types of socks including compression socks with ease using the Sock Slider. Ideal to use with a Jinni MD or Jobst socks. The Sock Slider Donner easily folds away for storage. Can be used as a shoehorn. The unit expands and holds your sock in place so you can slide your foot in without bending, stretching or straining.

Works with all types of socks - dress socks, casual, athletic, or even compression socks - no bending, stretching or straining

Easy donner to use to pull on socks. Perfect for individuals with limited mobility or flexibility. Ideal for when you have an injury or are pregnant. Easy to use and assemble - 2 piece design

Putting your socks on:

  • Place your sock heel side down into the cradle.
  • Roll the cuff of the sock down the sides of the cradle until the toe is at the top.
  • Use the handle to lower the cradle to the floor.
  • Slide your foot to the bottom of the cradle (you can use the handle to hold the Sock Slider in place.
  • The handle can also be used as shoe horn to hold your shoes in place while putting them on.

Taking socks off:

  • Using your feet, tilt the donner within reach.
  • Use the long handled device to take your socks off.


  • Sock cradle size: 175mm x 100mm x 255 mm
  • Handle length = 460mm
  • Box size: 270mm x 180mm x 110mm
  • Weight: .5kg
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