Sitz Bath Rose with Wipes plus Shattaf Solution Bag

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A great new perennial kit to help you heal naturally after an operation or the birth of your baby.  If Hemorrhoids or lower body post-op conditions need special care, use this complete kit comprising 1x sitz bath, 1 x bidet spray, 1 x solution bag and 12 x wipes to provide natural relief. Combine with medical-grade Epsom Salts infusions for extra relief from inflammation, itchiness, anal fissures. Ideal following rectal surgery, episiotomy, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel and infections of the bladder or vagina. Hospital and Reseller order bulk options welcome. Please call WallCann. Fast 1-3 day Australian delivery.

JINNI SITZ Baths are ARTG certified ID: 382770. Refer to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) register for ARTG certified SITZ Baths that can be lawfully supplied in Australia. Avoid inferior unregistered lines.

*Spray nozzle colour of Sitz Bidet will depend upon available stock.

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Want to relieve pain post-operation, after an episiotomy or when suffering from hemorrhoids?
Buy the Complete Package...

Kit contents: 1 x JINNI MD Rose Sitz Bath, 1 x Shattaf, 1 x Solution Bag and 12 Wipes

Pain and swelling can be reduced naturally with this kit. Used in combination with our post-partum Angel Infusions and modern medicine additional comfort and healing. Used in hospitals, clinics and homes.

JINNI SITZ Baths are ARTG certified ID: 382770. Refer to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) register for ARTG certified SITZ Baths that can be lawfully supplied in Australia. Avoid inferior unregistered lines.

When you are in pain a sitz bath is easier and faster to set up compared to running a full bath, just use clean not water and detergent to clean the sitz bath and shattaf spray after use.

Who wants to wait around for pain relief? It's easier to clean a sitz bath than a bath. A huge bonus when you aren't feeling the best.

Carers of people with Alzheimer's may find this helpful as it may simplify the bathing process.

No need to use washers with the shattaff bidet bottle. However, washers are supplied so that you can use most plastic bottles.

The Sitz Bath Kit includes a FREE solution bag simple gravity feed, no pump required. The Solution bag provides a fresh flow of clean solution, preferable to a recycled flow via a pump from the Sitz basin.  A convenient way to treat maternity post-partum, haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures, rectal surgery, an episiotomy, personal hygiene for the elderly, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina.

Shattaf Spray:

White Portable Shattaf Spray Dimensions: 80mm long35mm wide. (Spray head is 18mm in diameter.

Weighs just: 0.2kg with plastic bottle

Call for wholesale service 1300 799 455) 

Shattaf Spray Features

  • Fast shipping Australian owned and based
  • Save money on drawn-out recovery expenses 
  • Discrete Australian based strong plain packaging so it gets to you in top condition
  • Fast relief assists in recuperation
  • Clear easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Use anywhere
  • Long nozzle suitable for use with all toilets and sitz bath

How to use Shattaf Spray

For Use at home:

Prepare herbal or Epsom salt infusion (see herbal sachet/Epsom salts online). Pour warm infusion into the bottle. Screw portable bidet spray nozzle on.
The portable bidet spray is now ready to use. Adjust the water flow of this handheld unit simply by squeezing the bottle. Clean with hot water

For Use away from home:

Fill a bottle with clean water or premixed herbal /Epsom salt infusion and use.  Clean with hot water

WARNING: This product is designed for single patient use only. Caution: To avoid burns, the water temperature is NOT TO EXCEED - 43 degrees C (110 degrees F).


Soothing Infusions to add to the Shattaf Spray or Solution Bag

Pre-packed Natural Herb and Epsom Salts Infusion single application sachets also available 

  • Epsom salts for haemorrhoids and Herbal Infusion for postpartum.
  • Sealed single-use Infusion sachets pre-measured for convenient solution bag application
  • Additional solutions bags are available


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