Reach Desk with 150W inverter

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Convert your vehicle into a professional Mobile Office. The Reach Desk and 8ZED 150Watt pure Sine Wave Inverter combination gives you the freedom to take your office with you. Can be operated from inside or outside of your vehicle - extendable table attachmed. Easy to setup. Perfect for tradesmen. Suitable for cars, utes, trucks and vans. Buy from WallCann.

  • Buy 2 for $875.00 each and save 1%

The Reach Desk and 150 watt 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter is the perfect mobile office. Recharge your phone/laptop onsite and save valuable time and money. The 150w inverter includes an adapter that plugs into your vehicle's 12V 18A cigarette lighter socket.

Reach Desk Specifications:

Ultra ergonomic use in your car, ute, van or truck. Made tough for Australian conditions

This extendable wooden desk also includes three storage compartments: two compartments for your smaller items, plus a large hidden compartment for storing a laptop computer, phone or tablet. The Reach Desk is secured via a regular seatbelt and features a stabiliser buckle for your extended work tray. A velcro strap is included to secure your laptop in the work tray.

  • 100% no-worries installation. Just strap into the seat with the vehicle’s seatbelt and buckle the cam-buckle
    that is fixed to the underside of the seat frame to provide extra stability so the desk won't move around while you're driving
  • 58.4cm wooden desk surface with extending arm cut-out
  • adjustable arm (reaches inside and outside the vehicle) to ensuring the work surface can be pulled within easy reach
  • Tilting, 30.5cm x 38.1cm work tray with non-slip pad fixed to end of the arm
  • Work tray features a laptop security strap and rubber wrist rest
  • Use the work tray for a laptop, tablet or paper notebook
  • Set aside space in your back/front seat for your desk, power up your laptop and
    phone without the fuss of returning to your main office.
  • Storage compartments for stationery and small items
  • Hidden storage space for large items beneath the desktop
  • 1-year warranty

Reach Desk dimensions: 368mm x 654mm

Reach Desk weight: 7.7kg

150 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (300W Peak) Specifications

  • 12V DC Battery to 240V AC and 4 fast-charge USB's. Clean Power, Compact and convenient, simple to use. C-Tick Approved. 

    8ZED 150W is a unique market leader, the only can style pure sine wave power inverter in Australia

    NB. Vehicle Car cigarette lighter sockets are configured to a maximum load of 150W 18A to avoid high continuous current draw on the vehicle battery. This minimizes the risk of draining the battery while the vehicle is stationary.

  • The 150 Watt Cup-Style can size Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (300W Peak) provides light-duty power for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other smart devices from your car, four-wheel drive (4WD), truck, caravan and boat battery. It fits neatly into standard car cup holders, making it ideal for most with a compact form and easy storage. All 8ZED Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters come with a 1 Year Warranty and carry the C-Tick compliance with Australian regulations.

    This 150W 12V DC to AC Pure Sine Wave power inverter is the leader in its class and connects standard Australian 3 pin electrical devices of up to 150 Watts to a 12volt cigarette lighter socket. The 4 in-built USB sockets will deliver 5VDC 2100mA, which exceeds the baseline standard for USB 3.0 charging (2,100mA). With the 8ZED 150W Inverter you can quickly and easily power a range of laptops, tablets and palm PC's, games and small household appliances, anywhere, anytime.

    The 8ZED 150 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters can be used anywhere you can take your vehicle. This nicely compact unit fits into your vehicle's cup holder and is suitable for storing inside your glovebox or under your seat. Ideal for people on the move, who require a mobile office or are involved in outdoor work.

    This Smart Unit is featured with 4 X 2.1A USB, Improved Air-flow, Charger, All in One.

    150W Inverter uses

    • Work Lights and Flood Lights 
    • Mobile Phone Charging via mains or USB
    • Hand-Held Gaming Units
    • Notebooks, Laptops and Tablets via the 240V or the USB if your device supports USB Charging
    • Digital Camera and Cordless Drill Chargers
    • Drone Recharging stations
    • Portable DVD Players
    • Led and LCD TV's Rated at 120W or less
    • Camcorders and Digital Video Recorders
    • Clean power for Waeco Fridges and some CPAP Machines.


    • The all-new 150W Pure Sine Cup Inverter has the 4 X 2.1A USB's upgrade
    • The 240VAC end cap is domed instead of flat
    • The bottom of the inverter has a raised rim to improve air-flow
    • The AC coiled cable is 1.1m long at full stretch (Upgraded from 0.8m)


    • Input Voltage: 12V DC via charger
    • Output Voltage: 220-240V AC
    • Continuous Power Output: 150W MAX
    • Peak Output Power: 300W
    • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
    • Efficiency: 94%
    • Ambient Temperature: -15°C → 50°C
    • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 21cm (LXWXH)
    • Weight: 0.55 Kg
    • Output Interface: 4x USB 2.1, Australian Standard AC socket
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