RCD 4 Outlet Kit

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ISO-Switched RCD dual protected 3 pin outlet Slimline kit. Australian designed and assembled with manufacturer warranty. Plug and go fast set-up save time and costs. Compact space saving. Certificate of Conformity included. Email or call for custom configurations made to order.  Fully assembled kit custom designed for specific inverter application, built to meet AS NZS 4763-2011 Work Place Health and Safety for Portable Inverters

Surface mount RCD kit for Pure Sine Power Inverters. ISO-Switched RCD dual protected 3 pin outlet Slimline kit. Australian and New Zealand Certificate of Conformity, assembly and warranty.

4 Outlet Compact: 290mm(L)x190mm(W)x138mm(H)

Inverter Output protected by an RCD device.  AS/NZS 4763-2011 Work Place Health and Safety for Portable Inverters

RCD protected inverter for use with Multiple Items of Class 1 or Class 2 Portable Tools.  For custom made systems available on application. Please contact WallCann Live support.  

Specific Requirements with reference to Inverter Use

  • Custom kit with an inverter built to meet AS NZS 4763-2011 Safety of portable inverters for Work Place Health and Safety.
  • The use of an earth stake IS NOT recommended.

  • Where a powered appliance is to be used with an extension lead, an additional 2.5mm2 equipotential bond should be run to any unbonded metalwork associated with the use of that appliance eg. When using a power tool on a light vehicle, the metal body of that vehicle should be equipotentially bonded back to the generator.

  • To achieve “best practice” all extension leads used in a mining environment must be screened leads and fitted with IP56 plugs and sockets. The safety principles utilised in this document depend in part on the use of screened leads. The screen of extension leads MUST be connected to the earth terminals at both the plug and sockets ends.

  • For additional protection, IP56 rated plugs should be fitted to any tools.

  • All power outlets should have a minimum IP rating of 56.

  • Circuit protection (From AS/NZS3000:2007 Clause

  • Generally every submain or final subcircuit outgoing from an electricity converter shall be individually protected with an RCD. Where possible, the use of 10mA RCDs on general purpose socket outlets (GPOs) is preferred, although 15mA and 30mA RCDs are permitted.

  • The RCD shall be of a type suitable for the waveform of the particular inverter, and in accordance with the inverter manufacturer’s recommendations.
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