Projecta Manual 12V, 2700mA, 2 Stage Battery Charger

The perfect home garage charger, automatic in operation, it can be turned on and forgotten about until the vehicle's next use. Charge 6V or 12V Batteries. Safely charge batteries- spark free and polarity protected.


  • Voltage Function: 12V Batteries
  • L.E.D Indicators: Displays charge status
  • Safer Charging: Spark free & Polarity protected.
  • Thermal overload protection


Product Details

  • Part No: MC400
  • Type: Manual
  • Input: 240VAC, 50Hz, 55W
  • Output: 2700mA @ 12V 
  • Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC
  • Colour: Black

L.E.D Charge Indication:

  • Red Light On: Power On
  • Amber Light On: Charging
  • Green Light On: Fully Charged (Charger needs to be turned off)

Battery Charge Times:


                              Voltage          Battery-Size          Charge Time

Automotive                12V            Up to 550CCA           8-15 Hours

Marine                       12V           Up to 600MCA          10-20 Hours

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