Moliform Premium Soft Range

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Moliform Premium Soft is an anatomically shaped incontinence pad with Dry-Plus-layer, super absorbent and wetness indicator. It is suitable for use in both bedridden and active, mobile patients. A Single pack contains 28 units. A Carton of 4 contains 112 units. NOTE - Allow 7 to 10 days for Delivery.

Continence Aids Payment Scheme

The Australian Government has set up a new scheme, Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS), which provides a payment to eligible people, who have permanent and severe incontinence, to help assist to meet some of the costs of their continence products. Download the CAPS Application form & CAPS Guidelines

The CAPS provides a greater choice and flexibility when choosing the right continence product. You can now purchase the most appropriate continence products, from the supplier of your choice.

Those eligible for the CAPS system will receive an annual tax exempt payment from Medicare. According to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, the CAPS payment will be up to $497.79 for the 2010-11 financial year.

For more information on this topic, FAQ’s and forms, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Site for Bladder and Bowel information.

Moliform Premium Soft is an anatomically shaped incontinence pad with Dry-Plus-layer, superabsorbent and wetness indicator. It is suitable for use in both bedridden and active, mobile patients. Its variety of available sizes and its four absorption capacities make Moliform Premium Soft an exceptionally versatile incontinence management system which can be used in all degrees of incontinence. It gives each type of patient the necessary protection, as well as a feeling of security and well-being.


Moliform Premium Soft is versatile because it is available in a variety of sizes and six colour-coded absorption capacities. This anatomically-shaped incontinence pad features a super absorbent Dry-Plus layer and wetness indicator. Suitable for most residents, it can be used for all degrees of incontinence. Moliform Premium Soft is worn as a two piece system together with Molipants to ensure a body close fit.

Moliform Premium Soft provides overall protection for the wearer because it creates a feeling of security and well-being. Its reinforced absorbent crotch layer guarantees high absorbency and moisture retention. A special Dry-Plus fluid distribution layer guides wetness into the absorbent core to protect the skin against rewetting.

The non-woven, water repellent top layer covers the entire surface, to help protect the skin and keep it drier. An integrated, "Blue Barrier" at the front and back of the absorbent pad gives additional leakage protection. Soft, water-repellent anti-leak cuffs provide additional leakage protection at the sides. MoliForm's anatomical design and elastic leg gathers ensure a snug fit to body contours. The impermeable, non-slip backing protects bedding and clothing against soiling.

The word Moliform in the crotch area is also the wetness indicator. It is extremely useful in the care of severely ill or disoriented patients. When it dissolves, the product needs changing. This system is not only more pleasant to the patient but also more cost-effective.

The ease of use makes it possible for older, partially immobilised patients to change Moliform by themselves. Used in conjunction with elasticated net pants, Moliform Premium Soft is easy to fit an discreet to wear.

Environmental information: protective backing material of environmentally-friendly polythene; the cellulose fluff is environmentally compatible due to bleaching without conventional chlorine.


  • Four absorbent capacities allow for individual care
  • Colour coded for easy selection
  • Easy to fit
  • Wetness indicator allows for accurate replacement
  • Designed for maximum protection


  • Ideal for use in all degrees of incontinence, suitable for both bedridden and mobile patients:
  • Normal; for slight urinary incontinence
  • Plus; for moderated urinary incontinence
  • Extra; for severe urinary incontinence
  • Super; for very severe urinary incontinence
Size Total Absorbancy Units per Packet Packets per Carton
Normal 1350ml 28 4
Plus 1620ml 28 4
Extra 2260ml 28 4
Super 2470ml 28 4
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