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Reach Desk is a versatile car desk for anyone that works away from their office. Easy to install - simply strap the desk into your vehicle’s seatbelt and buckle the cam buckle into the passenger seat. Suitable for cars, utes, trucks and vans.The desk pivots to any position you need. Work tray can be used for writing or working on you laptop. Slip resistant wrist rest. Contact WallCann.
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Reach Car Desk is a portable desk that allows you to work from anywhere while in the comfort of your car. The Reach Car Desk is easily installed using the lap belt in the front passenger seat of any vehicle and allows you to have a portable computer desk when you’re on the road. The Reach Car Desk is easily adjusted to create a portable working surface in the car.

If you are a salesperson, tradesman, or even self-employed, the Reach Car Desk helps you to be more organised and productive in the car. No more items flying off the front seat. For those who find time management difficult, the Reach Car Desk allows you to finish the administration tasks you need to do in between appointments, no more taking work home with you, or sitting on your device surfing the web when you can be completing your work in the car.

Other benefits of the Reach Car Desk are as follows:

  • The desk is easily installed and removed from the car and can be stowed in the back.
  • The Reach car desk has storage for the administrative tools you need. When you’ve finished with your device you can simply remove the computer from your portable laptop table and stow it underneath so it is not visible to people outside of the car.
  • If you prefer, you can adjust the Reach Car Desk so that you can use it as a portable stand up desk, simply opening the passenger door and adjusting the portable surface to face the passenger side
  • If you need charging capability in the car for your laptop or device, you can opt for a built in 300W inverter which can add to your new car accessory
  • The Reach desk helps you be prepared for the meetings you have while on the road and helps reduce working overtime and at home as you can complete the tasks straight away when you finish that meeting or that phone call.
  • The Reach car desk also helps you get the important notes from the meeting straight into a follow up email, so you won’t forget it at the end of the day.
  • Available and in stock in Australia/NZ


  • 100% no-worries installation. Just strap into the seat with the vehicle’s seatbelt and buckle the cam-buckle
    that is fixed to the underside of the seat frame to provide extra stability so the desk won't move around while you're driving
  • 58.4cm wooden desk surface with extending arm cut-out
  • adjustable arm (reaches inside and outside vehicle) to ensuring the work surface can be pulled within easy reach
  • Tilting, 30.5cm x 38.1cm work tray with non-slip pad fixed to end of arm
  • Work tray features a laptop security strap and rubber wrist rest
  • Use the work tray for a laptop, tablet or paper notebook
  • Storage compartments for stationery and small items
  • Hidden storage space for large items beneath desktop
  • 1 year warranty

Dimensions: 65.4cm x 36.8cm


Available and in stock in Australia/NZ

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