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It's You Babe Mini Cradle. For Back and Abdominal support during your pregnancy. Adjustable Maternity Support.

MINI CRADLE adjustable maternity support

Perfect Sacroiliac Support for Every Pregnancy

The Mini Cradle is the perfect maternity sacroiliac belt and brace garment for every mum-to-be. The gentle lift and support provided by the Mini Cradle enhances circulation and relieves minor aches and pains often felt during pregnancy. The soft, flannel backed elastic resists curling and rolling. There are 3 sets of hook and eye closures to provide a perfect fit that will not snag clothing and allows the product to remain smooth and flexible against the skin at the point of closure.

So effective and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on!

  • Gentle lift and support eases many back and abdominal discomforts often felt during pregnancy
  • Promotes increased circulation from the leg and feet 
  • Lifts weight from the Pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
  • Hook and Eye closures offer a soft, flexible and secure fit that lays flat and comfortable against the skin so there is no bulk under clothing
    (Won't snag expensive lingerie like "sticky type" closures). 
  • Perfect sacroiliac support for every pregnancy
  • Enthusiastically recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Symptoms Relieved:
Back pain, Abdominal and Hip strain, Umbilical hernia.
Can be positioned higher or lower on the abdomen for maximum support or placed to support umbilical hernia. 

Size Range:
4 sizes - Petite, Small, Medium, Large
Pregnancy Weight: METRIC 40-123kg, US 90-270lbs
Support Band Measurements: 64-142cm, 25-56inches


Fibre Content:
64% Polyester, 23% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 4% Nylon 

The garment is designed to be worn under clothing. Wrap the cradle around and below your abdomen and secure into place with the hook and eye closures for a comfortable fit. You should not feel 'squeezed' into the garment. It is designed to gently lift and support without compression. Adjust garment support band up and down for more or less support as needed. No need to remove for toileting. We always recommend you speak with your doctor when experiencing pain during pregnancy.

Washing Instructions
Wash in cold water on gentle cycle with like colours. Line Dry. Use a garment bag for extended life of the garment.


CURRENT Pregnancy Weight  US PANT SIZE
Petite 64-94 cm 41-61 kg 0-5 4-8
Small 79-109 cm 62-82 kg 6-12 10-16
Medium 97-127 cm 82-102 kg 13-18 16-22
Large 107-142 cm 103-123 kg 20-28 24-28
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