Jobst Maternity Ultrasheer Waist High Compression Stocking

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Jobst compression stockings and compression socks provide quality and relief at a moderate price. All Jobst compression stockings are the perfect hosiery for any casual, work or elegant occasion. Healthy legs don't have to be expensive. Please allow up to 10 days for JOBST stock availability plus delivery. If urgent delivery required, consider JINNI MD Brand.

Note: Please choose your sizes and compressions carefully before purchase. Due to TGA health and safety regulations, returns cannot be accepted for any Compression Stocking product. Refunds or exchanges will not be issued simply due to customer selection error. Please refer to our sizing charts as provided.

We recommend that self measurement be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken. This will normally provide you with a more accurate reading, prior to any possible swelling resulting from your day's activity.

Jobst®  Maternity Ultrasheer Compression Stockings:

"UltraSheer is the sheer hosiery line"

  • Jobst® UltraSheer is the perfect hosiery for any casual, work, or elegant occasion.
  • Extremely sheer.
  • Reinforced toe offers extra durability.
  • Sheer heel.
  • Beautiful floral lace band stays up!
  • Incredibly durable.

Colours Available for Jobst® Ultrasheer: Black, Natural

Compression Guide:

15-20 mmHg Gradient Compression Indication Guide

  • For slight varicosities
  • Slight leg swelling
  • Tired aching legs

Note: These are examples of reasons to wear this level of compression. Please consult with your physician.


Always choose the largest size from the 3 measurements. For the best results, measurements should be taken first thing in the morning before you start to move around and fluid build up occurs. By doing this you will ensure a true and effective fitment.

Ankle Measurement
Calf Measurement
Thigh Measurement
Hip Measurement
18-21cm (7"-8¼")
28-38cm (11"-15")
40-62cm (15¾"-24⅜")
71-117cm (28"-46")
21-25cm (8⅜"-9⅞")
30-42cm (11⅞"-16½")
46-70cm (18⅛"-27½")
76-127cm (30"-50")
25-29cm (10"-11⅜")
32-46cm (12½"-18⅛")
54-78cm (21¼"-30¾")
81-137cm (32"-54")
29-33cm (11½"-13")
34-50cm (13⅜"-19⅝")
60-81cm (23⅝"-32")
102-166cm (40"-65")

Please allow up to 10 days for JOBST stock availability plus delivery. For urgent needs please consider using JINNI MD Compression Socks or Stockings.

* For Waist High, measure Ankle, Thigh and Hip 

Stocking colours

Jobst® Maternity Ultrasheer Hosiery

Jobst® Maternity Ultrasheer Hosiery come in 2 colours. Please use these colours as a guide only.
(Note: these colours below may vary slightly to the actual colour.)

Classic Black:

Jobst Classic Black Stocking Colour

Jobst Silky Beige Stocking Colour

Rebate Claim

Private Health Insurance Rebate Claim

Many private health insurers offer a significant rebate on TGA Certified Medical Compression Garments, purchased in Australia.

Once you have made your purchase, take your WallCann invoice for your TGA approved Jobst garment to your Health Care Professional to sign the Compression Garment Rebate form. Send the signed Form along with your Invoice to your health insurer.

Please check with your Health Fund \ Private Health Insurer for eligibility details.

Compression Garment Rebate Form

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