GSL KBI Dual Battery Controller 24V

The GSL Solenoid Battery Isolator – KBI Series designed for multi battery setups in 4wd’s and commercial vehicles. The GSL Solenoid is essential to protect the starting battery from being drained by the auxiliary battery while powering accessories required when the vehicle is switched off. When the main battery has been charged, the GSL Solenoid charges the auxiliary battery, ensuring you always have power to start your vehicle.

This unit allows you to have two batteries to be charged from your engine alternator at the same time. When your engine is on and the start battery is fully charged the KBI will begin charging the second (house) battery simultaneously. If level of the start battery drops the KBI disengages from charging the auxiliary battery and sures the main battery is always fully charged. "Battery 1 Priority".

When stationary or camped for the night the start battery is isolated which eliminates the possibility of draining it, ensuring that you always have enough charge to start your engine.

There are many names for these on the market, Dual BAttery Controllers, SBI , KBI, VSR Voltage sensitive relays and Battery isolators.

Designed and manufactuerd in Australia by GSL Electronics for 4WD, caravan and Camper trailer enthusiasts.


• Introducing GSL Electronics' new Battery Isolator, The
   KBI series… it has the coolest operating temperature
   when energised, and lowest standby current draw.
• Available in 12 and 24VDC versions at 100amp.
• Optional LED for operating indication, and fault indication
• Aux. battery will disconnect at low voltage even in override mode.

 Protection from loss of main battery

• 2 second delay for operation
• High voltage disconnection, if regulator fails, trips isolator to protect Aux Battery.
• No damage from short surges up to 50v.

Product KBI Series
Connect Voltage 13.2V / 26.4V
Disconnect Voltage  12.7V / 25.4V
100 Amps - Continuous Rating YES
LED and Override Wire to Positive. YES
No Voltage/ Load Required on Aux. Battery YES
Solenoid Protection YES

View PDF of complete KBI 24V details

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