Garden Step - Longlife Paver and Leveler Pad

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Steps for walkway, driveway and scaffold pads, almost indestructible. High load bearing high-lift jack pads and trailer camper leveler. Do not distort on uneven surfaces. Does not crack, split or rot like wood or brick. Environmental recycling, reducing Australian landfill. Australian manufactured from recycled composite plastic. A great durable garden choice!

Garden Step - LongLife Pavers and Leveler

Australian manufactured from recycled composite material - these longlife pads are good for garden pavers or steps, leveling blocks and scaffolding pads. A great environmental choice.

Support good environment management in your garden! These longlife recycled composite recycled plastic that is sorted graded and blended with UV stabilizers. These robust stepping stones are a great addition to any garden, and you are doing your part for the environment.

Transform your garden with either square or round stepping stones. Purchase one or a handful to get the perfect landscaped look in your garden! 

eco smart and useful product that I would like to offer. It will help mitigate damage to the grounds  next time people need to set up stands, vehicles, trailers and caravans  on your grounds.
Leveling pads, are also used as walkway steps. and pavers.  They are almost indestructible, they do not crack, chip, split, rot or distort. They are easily moved from site to site. The shape is designed to dissipate a point load heavy dead weight like scaffolding and not leave a deep compressed hole in the ground. The pads will prevent subsidence of structures resting on highlift jacks, scaffolds or trailer wheels and stabilizers.

Mounting Pads - Pavers or Steps are perfect for use as mounting pads and levelers for caravans and trailers. These Pads are easy to transport and almost indestructible.


  • Square Pads: 275mm x 275mm x 35mm
  • Round Pads: 295mm diameter x 35mm


  • 100% solid recycled plastic
  • Resistant to water damage, will not rot or splinter
  • Charcoal finish
  • Will last season after season
  • Will not attract or be attacked by white ants
  • Unlike treated wood no poisonous chemicals will leach into your soil
  • Manufactured from post consumer waste that otherwise would have ended in landfill
  • Saving the environment, fully recyclable
  • Two shapes available: Round or Square
  • Permanent colour throughout
  • Solid recycled plastic
  • U/V stabilised
  • 100% Australian
  • 25 year warranty

A special thanks for the feedback from our customers who have developed multi function applications from Garden Steps to stepping stones, to pads for high lift jacks and as wheel chocks in those sticky situations. These have many uses, please share more of your idea's to help recycle and conserve.