Fusion AGM Super Start Battery - Deep Cycle Battery

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Fusion AGM Super Start Battery
Suitable for dual battery systems in caravans, 4WD's, boats, motorhomes, camping and on work sites

Fusion AGM Batteries (CBC Series) are completely sealed, spill proof and leak proof

Fusion cyclic AGM batteries are suitable for dual battery systems in
caravans, 4WD's, boats, motorhomes, when camping and on work sites

Fusion CBC Series batteries have up to 30% more cycle life than other batteries. The battery is designed using the latest engineering techniques. The thermal heat management system caters for Australia's hot, harsh conditions. Unlike many other deep cycle (AGM) batteries Fusion CBC series can be used under the bonnet of 4WD’s, motor homes, buses as well as with commercial equipment Flame retardant ABS plastic is used to manufacture this battery - adding another safety feature to this high quality series..


Fusion AGM Super Start Batteries consists of premium AGM Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA – otherwise known as SLA Batteries)

All Fusion AGM Batteries are manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001 and are CE Certified.


  • Portable Power
  • Caravans, Campervans and motor homes
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Power backup power supply
  • Cars, 4WD and other starting situations
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fire and Security Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS
  • Medical Equipment
  • DC Power Supply
  • Power Systems

Maintenance Requirements

Despite this being labelled as a "Maintenance Free" battery there is still some maintenance requirements. The battery industry generally uses the term "Maintenance Free" when you are not required or cannot add acid to the battery because it is sealed. Like all Maintenance Free Batteries (no matter what brand), it is essential to periodically service the battery to ensure maximum life. As a general rule of thumb, this should be done each time your vehicle/equipment is serviced by your mechanic/technician.

Service requirement includes:

  • Check electrical connections to ensure they are clean & tight
  • Do not overcharge the battery. Maximum recharging voltage is 14.6 Volts.
  • Keep the battery clean & dry. Use only bicarbonate of soda & water to clean. Rinse afterwards with clean water
  • Ensure that unused battery is charged every 3 months or when voltage is below 12.6 Volts
  • Failure to follow these instructions will void warranty

Super start and Stand By & AGM Deep-Cycle dry cell heav

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