DC to DC 12V To 24V 40A Boost/Charger

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DC to DC boost charger Switch mode power technology supplies a safe and stable 40A peak output 24V supply from a 12V input.
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• Dual Function - Voltage Doubler or 3-Stage 24V Battery Charger- user selectable via internal Jumper
• Peak Output : 40A (in Doubler Mode) and 15A Cont.
• Selectable output voltages for Lithium (28.8V/26.4V), Sealed Lead
Acid (28.4V/27V), Vented Lead Acid (29.2V / 27V) or Doubler (27V/25V/28V)
• Over Current and Temperature protections for extra product reliablity.
• High Efficency : Typical >93%
• Precise under voltage protection : No need for external isolator.
• Latched overload protection for preventing dangerously charging faulty batteries
• Remote LED indication for battery charge status.
• Very low standby current: <3mA


  • Input Voltage : 11.5VDC to 15.5VDC
  • Output Voltage (Doubler) : 27V/25V/28V
  • Output Voltage (Charger) : Lead : 29.2V/27V
  • Sealed Lead Acid : 28.4V/27V
  • Lithium: 28.8V/26.4V
  • Load Regulation: ± 1%
  • Output Power : 420W
  • Stand By Current (Approx) : <3mA
  • Output Short Circuit Protection : No
  • Polymer Encapsulation (Waterproofing/Dustproofing) : Yes
  • Input To Output Isolation : Yes
  • Output Connections : 6 Fly Leads
  • Dimensions mm : (HxWxL) 63mm x 135mm x 300mm
  • Weight : 2.2kg
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