Compression Washing Solution

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Specially formulated compression washing solution by Sigvaris for elastic and compression garments. Specifically formulated to remove oil, body acids, and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to elastic materials and fabrics. This solution will help extend the life of all JINNI MD, Jobst, Sigvaris and other quality compression garments.
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Assists maintain quality compression garments for longer. Proper maintenance of support garments reduces incidents of run, bagginess, shrinking or tearing, fading, elastic in your fine hosiery. NO MORE WORRIES! Finally a specially formulated cleaner for hand washable finer hosiery that eliminates premature aging of your quality hosiery. New technology man-made fibers and micro fibers in all finer hosiery require a product that preserves elasticity. Jobst. JINNI MD and Sigvaris Hosiery is made differently from previous man-made synthetics, advanced Elastomers are created to possess a memory, allowing finer hosiery to remember it's form and fit. Sigvaris Hosiery Wash will promote longer life for your finer hosiery because it rejuvenates and protects fibres in a gentle cleansing manner. Contains no lanolin that can attract dirt. The very light lather develops a treatment for hosiery that is anti-static and a quick rinsing blend that is environmentally sound. Protects the proportional fit designed into garments, and gives unparalleled results in five minutes! Gently cleans, softens, deodorizes and protects your fine compression and support hosiery and socks like no other laundry liquid. Extend the life and keep the form and fit of your expensive fine hosiery longer.
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