How to Select Size & Type of Leg Support Stockings Wallcann

Easy to follow steps to measure and select the correct size compression garment for you

JINNI MDTM and Jobst (R) compression leg aids and arm sleeves are high-quality garments manufactured to meet Australian standards and are registered in the ARTG.
Avoid cheap compression support leggings that are not properly sized or graduated for effective compression applications.
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  • JINNI is Australian owned, manufactured in Taiwan and supplied to direct from Australian factory door 
  • JINNI provides big sizing range, for a more personalised garment fit
  • JINNI every garment is tested and inspected so you receive consistent manufacturing quality. 
  • JINNI comprises machine specific Lycra, with a proportion of microfibre - 72% Polyamide 28% LYCRA. This can be important if you suffer an allergy to Nylon
  • Same day dispatch for Australia & New Zealand - Next day dispatch for International.
  • JOBST is US owned, manufactured in Mexico and supplied via a distributor network
  • JOBST has a big size range to fit a wider range of ankle and calf measurements.
  • JOBST is constructed from a Nylon / Spandex mix. The exact formulation will vary depending upon Relief OR Ultrasheer styles.
  • Not all JOBST sizes are carried in stock. Please allow 3 to 7 working days for availability for shipment. 

What size is right for me?

To determine what size COMPRESSION STOCKING is required, it is important to measure the following:

  • (cB) Smallest ankle circumference
  • (cC) Largest calf circumference
  • (cD) Circumference below the knee
  • (ID) Length from the from ground

Thigh High and Panty Hose Measurements:

  • (cG) Upper thigh circumference
  • (IG) Length from the ground

All measurements should be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken.

Each leg should be measured individually and the lengths should be measured as required.
Leg Measurement Diagram


Ankle Measurement - cB

Sit on a chair and measure your ankle.
Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, about 10mm above the ankle bone.
This must always be the first measurement. 

Measure Ankle

Calf Measurement - cC

Find the widest part of your calf.
Measure the circumference (cC) of your calf.

Measure calf circumference

Calf Length - ID

Sit on a chair with your legs at 90 degrees to the ground. Measure the ID distance from 1 finger below the bend in your knee, to the floor.

Measure calf length

Thigh Measurement - cG

Find the widest part of your thigh - right under the buttocks.
Measure the (cG) circumference of this part of your thigh.

Thigh Measurement

Step 5
Leg Length IG

Measure the (IG) distance from the bottom of your buttocks to the floor.

Leg Length measurement    


Knee High Stockings 

Circumference Measurements (cm) - Always choose the LARGEST size as indicated by your measurements.

     JINNI       JOBST
   cB  cC  cD  ID      cB  cC ID
 S 19-21 29-34 25-31 38-39    S 18-21 28-38 38-39
 M 21-23 33-37 30-36 39-40    M 21-25 30-42 39-40
 L 23-25 36-41 35-40 40-41    L 25-29 32-46 40-41
 XL 25-27 40-45 38-45 41-42    XL 29-33 34-50 41-42
 XXL 27-29 44-47 44-48 42-43 LFC          25-30          46-61
XLFC          30-36          46-61 -


Thigh High / Pantyhose Stockings 

Circumference Measurements (cm) - Always choose the LARGEST size as indicated by your measurements.

     JINNI       JOBST
   cB  cC  cD  cF cG IG      cB  cC cG
 S 19-21 29-34 25-31 38-45 47-55 68-71    S 18-21 28-38 40-62
 M 21-23 33-37 30-36 44-49 54-62 71-72    M 21--25 30-42 46-70
 L 23-25 36-41 35-40 48-53 61-66 72-73    L 25-29 32-46 54-78
 XL 25-27 40-45 38-45 52-57 65-70 73-75    XL 29-33 34-50 60-81
 XXL 27-29 44-47 44-48 56-61 69-75 75-78    


Fitting Recommendations

Before wearing compression garments, it is important that the correct size is determined. It is important to be shown EARLY the correct way to fit & wear compression garments.

Comfort & effectiveness will increase your willingness to wear garments. When putting on stockings, it is important that you remove all jewellery and try to avoid snagging the material with their fingernails.

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