Compression Garment Care Kit

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Caring for your compression stockings just got a little easier with the Compression Garment Care Kit! Included in the kit is washing solution especially made for hand washing compression stockings...helping maintain their compression and extending the life of the stockings. Please allow up to 10 days for JOBST stock availability plus delivery.

Ideal starter kit for the best possible care of your compression stockings

We've included a selection of items that will help extend the life of your compression stockings and socks. Compression stockings are more expensive than
normal stockings due to the way they are manufactured. Take extra care to make your compression stockings last such as handwashing them and taking extra care when putting them on and removing them.

Our Compression Garment Care Kit includes:

- One Pair of JOBST Donning Gloves to help prevent snags from fingernails/jewellery

- 2 x Easy Glide Stocking Donner suitable for Open Toe/Peephole compression stockings and socks

- SIGVARIS Washing Solution - helps extend the life, effectiveness, elasticity and material strength of your stockings
  (solution is specifically made for compression stockings - 60ml)

- 2 x Measuring Tapes

Size Selection/Quick Reference Guide for determining your compression stocking size


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