Jinni & Jobst Compression Sleeves how to select size & type

This guide provides easy instructions to measure and select the correct size compression arm garment for you.

JINNI MD is registered in the ARTG. Jobst and JINNIMD compression arm sleeves and gauntlets are quality manufactured medical compression garments. 

Avoid cheap compression support garments that are not properly graded for compression applications.

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Selection Guide for JINNI compression Arm Sleeves

  • Jinni is Australian owned, manufactured in Taiwan, however you are dealing with the distributor direct
  • Jinni provides great consistency in manufacturing quality
  • Jinni is contructed with a machine specific Lycra, with a proportion of microfibre - 72% Polyamide 28% LYCRA.
    This can be important if you suffer an allergy to Nylon
  • Same day dispatch for Australia & New Zealand - Next day dispatch for International.
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Selection Guide for JOBST compression Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets

  • Jobst is American owned, manufactured in Mexico and distributed through a network
  • Jobst is constructed from a Nylon / Spandex mix.


Compression Arm Sleeve Fitting Recommendations

What size is right for me?

To determine what size COMPRESSION ARM SLEEVE is required, it is important to measure the following:


  • (c) Wrist circumference - at the narrowest part of the wrist
  • (e) Elbow circumference - at the elbow crease
  • (e max) Also measure the largest circumference of the forearm 
  • (g) Measure the axilla (underarm) circumference just underneath the armpit 
  • (g max) Also measure around the bicep

*All measurements should be completed first thing in the morning before active movement is undertaken.

Arm Sleeve Measurements


Compression Arm Sleeves 

Circumference Measurements (cm) - Always choose the LARGEST size as indicated by your measurements.

     JINNI       JOBST
   C  E  E Max  G G Max      C  E Max G Max
 S 14-15.5 20.5-25.5 22.5-27.5 21.5-26.5 26.5-33    S 14-20 18-23 22-40
 M 15.5-17 22-27 24.5-29.5 23.5-28.5 28.5-35    M  16-22 23-29 27-45
 L 17-18.5 23.5-28.5 26-32 25-31 30.5-37.5    L  18-24 29-34 33-51
 XL 18.5-20 25-30 27.5-33.5 27-33 32.5-39.5          
 XXL 20-21.5 26-32 29-35 29-36 34-42          



Circumference Measurements (cm)

How to measure for a gauntlet    PALM WRIST
 S 15-19 14-20
 M  19-22 16-22
 L  21-26 18-24

Fitting Recommendations

Before wearing compression garments, it is important that the correct size is determined.

It is important to be shown EARLY the correct way to fit & wear compression garments.

Comfort & effectiveness will increase your willingness to wear garments.

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