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Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet Compression - Size Selection Guide 

 Arm Sleeve / Gauntlet Compression    
 Brand  Description  Compression Price Per Pair
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Jinni 20-30mmHg $45.00 $82.00
Jobst 15-20mmHg $69.00 $134.00
Jobst 15-20mmHg $69.00 $134.00


How can JINNI MD™ compression arm sleeves, socks and stockings offer great savings and benefits without compromising quality?  JINNI MD™ is Australian owned and operated by WallCann. The proceeds of JINNI MD™ purchases are reinvested in Australian NZ communities. JINNI MD™ products are registered in the ARTG. Many brands made overseas can have high distribution costs and their proceeds often go back overseas