Actimove Standard Walker Moonboot

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Actimove Standard Walker Moon boot will stabilise small leg injuries and fractures whilst providing mobility. and the ability to remove the cast at the end of the day.

Actimove Moon Boot Lower Leg Walker is perfect for slight fractures and soft tissue injuries to the feet, ankles or lower legs 

The Actimove Walker stabilises the injury whilst allowing the freedom to engage in light activity as soon as possible after an operation with the approval of a doctor. The added bonus is at the end of the day simply remove before bed. 

The unisex Actimove walker provides support whilst sitting, standing, or walking and is available in sizes from extra small to extra large based on your shoe size.

Actimove Walker Features:

  • High quality rigid outer skeleton for extra protection and support
  • Suitable for foot, ankle and lower leg injuries
  • Circumferential strapping - increased stability
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Breathable line for optimal skin temperature
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Rocker bottom securely facilitates a natural walking gait

Moonboot Sizing:

Sizing is determined by your shoe size. Please see sizing chart below

Moonboot Size Gender AU Shoe Size Walker Weight (g)
(excludes packaging)
Dimensions (mm)
XS M <4.5 1000 243 x 108 x 417
F <6 1000 243 x 108 x 417
S M 4.5-7 1083 265 x 111 x 417
F 6-8 1083 265 x 111 x 417
M M 7.5-10 1166 295 x 116 x 463
F 8.5-11 1166 295 x 116 x 463
L M 10.5-12.5 1250 313 x 121 x 465
F 11.5-13.5 1250 313 x 121 x 465
XL M >12.5 1500 332 x 125 x 490
F >13.5 1500 332 x 125 x 490

How to put on a Moonboot 

1. Remove the liner from the outer skeleton.
2. Step into liner and secure the straps.
3. Step into the outer skeleton of the Lower Leg Walker.
4. Adjust inside liner and outer liner so that leg and foot are secure.
5. Fasten external straps.  

How to put on a moon boot



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