Actimove Ankle Support TaloMotion

As low as $90.00
Comfort, support and improved pain relief for suffers with ankle related issues

Ankle support featuring innovative knitted structure for extra support and comfort

Actimove®TaloMotion ankle support combines superior therapeutic compression, stability,comfort and style.

The ankle support helps relieve pain through improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Swelling and local edemas are also reduced, thereby improving the healing process.

Suitable for Post operative, post traumatic irritation, excess fluid around the joints, swelling related to Arthrosis and Arthritis Tendomyopathies, slight ligamental instabilities.

Actimove®TaloMotion ankle support provides stabilisation and gradient compression.

Modern technology used to improve safety and stability

  • Anatomically shaped inserts for compression where you need it
  • Comfort and pain relief!
  • Innovated heel area design for enhanced stability
  • Pressure-free cuffs eliminate constriction
  • Breathable moisture absorbent woven fabric
  • Soft seamless terry cloth liner
  • 3D anatomic fit for maximum comfort and support
  • Dynamic helix design for flexibility and function
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Attractive colour

Sizing Guide

Measure the around the smallest part of your left or right ankle and refer to chart for your size

how to take ankle support measurement



Left Ankle
Product Code

Right Ankle
Product Code

XS 17-19 74387-32 74387-02
S 19-21 74387-33 74387-03
M 21-23 74387-34 74387-04
L 23-25 74387-35 74387-05
XL 25-27 74387-36 74387-06
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