24 Hour Easy Programmable Timer

Simple to use and program in 15 minute intervals. Perfect to disguise that you are not home.

Standard and simple to use 24 hour mains timer. It gives the impression someone is home by turning lights on and off. Or even use it to control lights on aquariums or gardens.

Perfect for powering down home or office where by after hours no appliances are on standby . You can reduce your power bill dramatically.



1 - Simply plug timer into wall and then connect you appliance to the timer.

2 - Push down on the black tabs which mean the device is "ON" for each time period you require. Each tab represents 15 minute intervals.

3 - Then all you do is rotate clockwise until you line up the triangle to the current time you have on your watch or phone.


There is also an over ride switch locate on the side .


Note: This timer is only to be used in Australia for 240V 50Hz, The maximum power it can handle is 10A which is 2400 Watts. Not suitable for multiple heat lamps or heaters, Please never leave these devices un-attended.

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